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How to select a domain name for your website?

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EMD, PMD or Branded Domain?
An EMD is an Exact Match Domain. It contains the exactly targeted keywords. For example, if someone is trying to rank for the keyword “Beauty Salon” in Dubai, then the EMD will be
A Branded Domain is the domain that has the brand name in it. For example, for the brand Creative I Corp, the domain is
A PMD is a Partially Match Domain. It contains both, the brand name and one of the targeted keywords. For example, the brand Rista Group uses the domain which contains the brand name Rista and their service SEO.
Google is an algorithm. It’s a set of programs. It can only read, it can’t think. Your domain name is one of the important ranking factors on Google because it says a lot about your website and once it’s set, it can’t be changed. e.g., the domain name clearly says that the website is about Dog Training. It can’t be about Cat, Horse, Camel or any other animal. Moreover, irrespective of whatever modification you do to the website, the domain name will remain the same. You can’t change that.
Adding specific keywords to the domain name helps Google understand the nature of the website. For example, will say to Google bot that there is a guy whose name is Breejraj and this is his website. Now, when Google Bot will read, it will understand that this site is about Breejraj but it is also related to SEO. Again, when Google Bot will read, it will understand that the site is about Breejraj, SEO and Dubai. In other words, there is a guy named Breejraj who provides SEO services in Dubai. So, adding your keywords in the domain name or EMD can be of great advantage but at the same time, it can be of disadvantage and confusing.
Below are few points that you should keep in mind before buying a domain:
Make sure you are clear about your goals and objectives before picking up a domain for your site. E.g., Do you need a small website or you want to build a big e-commerce site? Are you going to open just a local restaurant or planning to build a big brand?
The second step is to prepare a list of targeted keywords for your business and select a keyword that you want to target the most.
Try to pick a domain that has both, your brand name and the keyword. For checking the availability of your chosen domain name and thousands of suggestions related to that, click on below link,
If you are going to target only the local market, then EMD (Exact Matched Domain) is the best option for you. For example, if you have an SEO Company in Dubai and your targeted keywords are SEO Dubai and Dubai SEO, then you can buy a domain that contains the word Dubai and SEO. So, suppose that you purchased the domain,, your chances of ranking will be high for the keywords related to SEO in the city Dubai. But at the same time, it will be only for Dubai. If you want to expand your business to Abu Dhabi, then the url won’t make much sense. It is confusing for both, Google and Visitors. So, Exact Match Domain is the best option when you are targeting a specific area with a specific keyword.
If you want to target all the emirates of UAE or even another country, then a branded domain name will be suggested. Suppose, if the brand name is RISTA, then suggested domains will be, You can also go for Partial Match Domains, like,, etc. It will have a brand name and a part of the keyword or service.
For affiliates, it depends on the chosen Niche. For example, if you want to promote something in Weight Loss, then can be a very generic domain. It doesn’t say whether it is about Weight Loss Tips, Weight Loss Products or just a generic article about Weight Loss. If we choose the domain, it clearly shows that the website is about giving tips on Weight Loss. Inside Weight Loss Tips, there can be several categories and sub-categories. For example, Weight Loss Tips for cardiac patients or weight loss tips for pregnant ladies. We can build these categories using silo.
Conclusion: If you are running a local business, then the best option for you is to go for Partial Match Domain and if you are doing affiliate, then you can go for EMD. If you are planning to set up a big brand, then you can go for only the brand name like or
If you have any questions or need my help in deciding the domain name for your business, please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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