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CWiK WiN revolutionizes corporate marketing through its Brand Engagement platform

CWiK WiN turned two, and I had the pleasure of attending the anniversary event and as expected the event had great discussions, super-charged up debates, and exciting networking sessions. It’s always great to see some familiar faces and meet lots of lovely new ones. I would like to thank CWiK WiN for inviting me to this truly remarkable gathering.
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CWiK WiN's founder and CEO, Kishore Chand walked us through the company's past, current design philosophy, what’s ahead in the near future and the list of blue-chip companies using this mobile app. Clearly I could see a bit of Steve Jobs magic when Kishore emphasized how the product will affects us as.
Hisham Wyne had some mind blowing mobile stats up his sleeves and he kept us all entertained throughout the event and this product is going to fit into marketer’s life. I have to say, I've been impressed by his energy throughout his presentation.
On the other hand Ms. Asma Shabab, industry leader from IBM Middle East discussed the importance of mobile marketing and big data to cater the customers better and how these trends are interrelated and self-reinforcing. She was spot on when she said “digitization enables shrinking of the world”.
Blog cwikwin 2At one point or another, we all need tools to do our jobs better. It doesn't matter whether you're a marketing veteran who has navigated through years of changing technology or a newbie fresh out of college - we all need tools that help us get through creative ruts, make the case to our boss, and improve engagement with social media followers, and CWiK WiN is one such tool which comes to your rescue. As a digital marketer, I would suggest you should adopt CWiK WiN into your digital marketing strategy because it's so difficult to find a good gamification app.
Here’s the good news – you still have time to cash in, and engage your users in a fun and entertaining way, and win some cool rewards, download the app now. For marketers CWiK WiN provides a direct solution to a constant business dilemma - how to generate new consumer interest and easily get the product directly in their hands.  With two years in business, a revamped mobile app, catering to over 100 nationalities in the UAE, growing at 15% a month and their expansion plans, it’s truly an arsenal in your digital battle.  
The benefits to companies can be great—but only for those that keep up with technology, we at Ci Corp are those that embraces technology, and extend our reach, and we are happy to testify that our clients have used this awesome app and we will continue to use this digital platform and make a positive contribution to accelerate our client’s digital marketing impact.
About CWiK WiN
CWiK WiN, a play on the words ‘quick’ and ‘win’ is an online platform and a mobile app that lets users win prizes just by answering a few questions about the brand. CWiK WiN is a start-up initiative from Digital Concepts IT Services, established in UAE. This brand engagement platform has a simple objective--to bring exciting Contests about brands from our daily lives. What comes naturally are the rewards. While some get lucky with prizes others have to work a bit harder and claim worthy prizes through loyalty points.
Looking forward to see many UAE based apps in the digital ecosystems, InshaAllah. As usual promise to share more digital marketing contents here, and don’t forget to visit the only jQuery Mobile website of this region.
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